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Download - Data Sheet
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Product code Description Data sheet
W150 Universal light Photo Fabric, 110 gsm Download
W150KFR V2 Fire retardant & Clean cut light Photo Fabric, 145 gsm Download
W600 Universal heavy Photo Fabric, 183 gsm Download
W600KFR V2 Fire retardant & Clean cut heavy Photo Fabric, 235 gsm Download
W900 Polyester heavy Photo Canvas, 248 gsm, 340  Download
WMP Slim knit Flag on a backing film, 152 gsm Download
WRAP V7 Repositionable self adhesive Photo Fabric, 212 gsm Download
WBOF Gray back blockout textile, 204 gsm Download
WPVC Self adhesive vinyl – Matte, Clear back, 260 gsm Download
WPVCG Self adhesive vinyl – Matte, Gray back, 269 gsm Download
WBL PET Backlit film, front print- Matte, 270 gsm Download
WSPC Self adhesive synthetic paper - Clear back, 190 gsm Download
WSPG Self adhesive synthetic paper - Gray back, 190 gsm Download
Product code Description Data sheet
S150N Solvent light Photo Fabric, 130 gsm Download
S600N Solvent heavy Photo Fabric, 192 gsm Download
S600NFR Solvent fire retardant heavy Photo Fabric, 240 gsm Download
S900 Solvent Polyester Photo Canvas, 250 gsm, 380  Download
SRAP V7 Solvent repositionable self adhesive fabric, 222 gsm Download
SFK Slim knit flag fabric with back liner, 150 gsm Download
SBLG Solvent PET Backlit film, front print - Glossy, 275 gsm Download
SBLM Solvent PET Backlit film, front print - Matte, 280 gsm Download
Product code Description Data sheet
DTropical Tropical light fabric, 100 gsm Download
DBanner Durable banner fabric, 163 gsm Download
DPongee Pongee light fabric, 65 gsm Download
DFlag Knitted flag fabric, 100 gsm Download
DSatin Satin heavy fabric, 179 gsm Download
DOxford Oxford heavy fabric, 219 gsm Download