Compared to Cotton canvas or Silk fabric sheets
  • Thinner but a bit more rigid or stiffer
  • Much less chances of paper jams and printer head damage
  • Better printing quality at a competitive price
  • No loose thread and Clean cut
  • Printable like inkjet paper with a canvas feel
  • Widely compatible with most inkjet printers
  • No curlin and long-lasting displayst
  • LEDBacklit and Retail Store Advertise and display
Backlit Film
  • WBG9MJ - 9mil backlit film,Dye & Pigment, UV-C and Latex, 220um    Best seller
  • WBL5MG - 5mil backlit film,Dye & Pigment and UV-C 125um    Best seller
  • WBL5BSM(both side matte) - 5mil backlit film,Dye & Pigment and UV-C 125um

Heavy Photo Fabric
  • W600 - Universal heavy Photo Fabric, 183 gsm
  • W600KFR - Fire retardant & Clean cut heavy Photo Fabric, 235 gsm   Best seller
  • W900 - Synthetic heavy Photo Canvas, 248 gsm,    Best seller
  • WDSF - Double side printable stoplight Photo Fabric, 380 gsm

  • Light (thin) Photo Fabric
    • W150 - Universal light Photo Fabric, 110 gsm
    • W150KFR - Fire retardant & Clean cut light Photo Fabric, 145 gsm
    • WRA - Repositionable self adhesive Photo Fabric   Best seller

    • Packaging: By bulk packaging type
    • A4 and A3 sheet are regular sizes and customized sheet size will be available to A0 (841 mm x 1189 mm)
    • Sheet or Roll type is available in UK warehouse.